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Technology: How to create a website with .com for almost free

Hello World!!
If you dont have a website of your own now then you are loosing your future value at this very moment. Period. When it comes to creating a website you might think its very complex, time consuming, costly and not of worth. 

All of these are not completely true. With todays technology you can create a website, Within 2 minutes with default domainFor free with default domainFor few bucks with custom domainWhich can earn you fair amount of side income if dedicatedly worked onWhich can be used to promote or showcase yourself
All of us want have our own house and aim to get one. Its great to have such a physical asset but what about the digital world? We all simply ignore the online space where almost half of the world spends atleast few minutes in a day. So it becomes very important to have your website and make your presence in the digital world. A website is your personal asset in the online space.
There are very few sites which actually tell  you how to get your own websit…
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5 Natural Health Benefits Of Strawberry

Hey Foodians!!

Those red, heart shaped, yummy berries can water your mouth for sure but do you know what can these do to your health when eaten rightly?

Whats Strawberry? 1. It is a member of a Rose family
2. It is not a Fruit

Strawberry Contents Strawberry is 91% water and 7% carbohydrates, 0.3% fat and 0.7% protein.

Packed with vitamins, fiber, and particularly high levels of antioxidants known as polyphenols, strawberries are a sodium-free, fat-free, cholesterol-free, low-calorie food. good source of manganese and potassium. Just one serving -- about eight strawberries -- provides more vitamin C than an orange.

5 Health Benefits Of Strawberry 1. Healthy Digestion and Cholesterol Regulation Strawberries contain dietary fibers which help to feed the friendly bacteria in the gut ultimately improving the digestive health.

Strawberries also help to lower the cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseasekeeping heart healthy.

2. Slow Cognitive Aging Strawberries conta…

A Story No Other Story Can Tell

Do you know what is the story no one else can tell?? Duh..Its your life story. Well surely they can tell how it was till now or guess how it would go ahead but the ending they simply cant tell. Its upto you to write it. To further elaborate let me tell you another stupid story. Like every other story this story is about a boy and a girl. But dont worry this story does not have the ending you have heard before. 
The boy as the saying goes was ever so stupid and the girl like they say was a damsel in distress. Both never knew the other existed until the fate decided so. One such fateful day darkness fail upon the sky and the sun went missing. The girl was not able to find her way back home and lost her way. The girl started crying loosing all her hope. The boy heard her cries and followed the voice. He found the girl with never stopping sobs and sitting under a huge tree. As it was dark he could not see her face neither can she of him. He asked her about her misery. She with a sadness …

Technology: Human brain vs AI brain

To think is a very complex process no matter how small or idiotic or great the thought is. Acting on the thought is further complex because it becomes a selection of choices. Artificial Intelligent programs are supposed to do both. Thinking in AI world means processing the information while acting becomes executing subsequent program or to produce a real world action.

Baby Vs The Robot If you have spent your hours and days trying to build an AI bot you would have by now definitely appreciated human brain for its beauty of functioning. Human brain is one of the best creations of the nature. The comparison between AI processing and human brain comes when the real world problems cant be solved with just mathematical equations and rather needs a logical perspective. There is no mathematical equation for LOVE!! or maybe there is 2×idiot=love ;). Keeping the joke apart even the brain of a newly born knows who the mother is whereas AI codes needs tremendous amount of energy and logic for fa…

50 Shades Of Dogs : Amazing Dog Breeds

WARNING: This page is overloaded with DOG pics. Those who do not want to BE HAPPY should not scroll down.

Dont forget to comment the Dog you like.

1. Pug

2. Boxer

3. Dalmatian

4. Doberman

5. Welsh Corgi

6. Weimaraner

 7. Greyhound

8. Griffon Bruxellois

9. Chihuahua

10. Afghan Hound

11. Goldendoodle

12. Bullmastiff

13. Golden Retriever

14. Dachshund

15. Husky

16. Miniature Pinscher

17. German Shepherd

Note that the names of the breeds are as per my knowledge. In case you

Technology : Grow your website with Social Media Marketing

To most success does not come easy. To reach the top means to always struggle. Nowadays to reach the top faster you have to take others along with you. Trust me when I say that by helping others you help yourself. All the beginners in Blogging world struggle to get the audience for their hard worked website. But in the end if one does not help others there is no way that others will reach to your website. Many bloggers still are looking to earn from the ads displayed on their blogs. Now if your blog page itself does not reach to people its highly unlikely that people are going to find it among the hoards of millions of websites on the internet. True to this sense even if your content is highly reach in itself many times it is still a challenge to get the desired number of audience on your website. So ironically to help yourself earn money by helping others you have to first help yourself to reach others. Makes sense??

Why Social Media is needed to gain audience?
Surprisingly, nowadays…

Technology : Guide - What to buy? Laptop vs Tablet vs Phone

Technology is advancing very fast. Nowadays people who carry the latest piece of technology are not fully aware about the potentials of the technology they are carrying. This leads to buying the gadgets that are might not even needed. Computers and phones have come a long way in terms of the functionalities they provide. Gen X and Gen Y are witness to the transformation of computers and phones from their earlier wired versions to the wireless versions available now. As the world has become much closer now in terms of communication and is changed by digitalization in terms of mode of working, people are needed to carry high end gadgets which will allow them to carry out their work seamlessly. Computers evolving to Laptops and Telephones evolving to Smartphones is the resulting action of this need.

People don't want to carry a big unmanageable tech gadget around and work on it, rather nowadays they are more inclined towards carrying only a single piece which will integrate with the…

Animals : Info - Amazing facts about dogs

Who doesn't love dogs? Ok maybe cat lovers don't ;) but someone who is an owner of a dog knows that life can never be the same without your pooch. It teaches us to love unconditionally, the quality only generally accepted to exist in Mothers. In this post I am going to tell you few amazing facts about dogs that will make you love them more and probably let you know more about them.

Sixth Sense Do you know that dogs have sixth sense!! Well true or not true, many studies have shown that dogs have a very good sense of knowing some things before they happens. It is believed that some dogs can also detect diseases, predict the weather and know if someone is going to die. Now these might be debatable but some incidents show otherwise e.g. dogs can detect cancers, blood sugar levels etc.

Separation Anxiety To us they might be our pets but for them we are a family. In case you are not aware dogs suffer from separation anxiety what it means is that the dogs are upset because their owner…

Technology : How to - Save phone battery when it is running low

"The more the merrier!!". What once was true for people its now also true for our phones dear battery. We no longer need the need to be in touch with a person, we can now connect with them with just our fingertips. This fact has made all of us who are habitual to using smartphones slaves of the smartphone cause we constantly want to be in touch with someone. Not only this but we are also habitual to playing games, doing online window shopping, read/watch/share some everyday crappy stuff and perhaps do a bit productive work sometimes a day. In my view smartphones is the adults toy and nowadays kids too. Don't worry this post is not about how mobile phones are bad but its about saving the lifeline i.e. battery of our smartphones when its on ventilator.

We all have gone through that horror, frustration or worse the embarrassment when the battery of our smartphones is showing just 1% when we needed it the most. No more suffering. In this post I am going to let you know how …

International : History - The 5 Wars that changed the world and left their mark

Human history is just as filled with wars as with the great achievements. Over the time through the course of social development  humans have also witnessed some wars that have made us stop and rethink on our efforts made to keep the humanity intact. Although war is a disliked phenomena it does happen. Whether its for means of defense, political gains, greedy expansions or just raw barbarism humans have failed to avoid the wars and will be unlikely to avoid in future. The battles never cease to exist. Somewhere some soldier or a civilian is dying in an act of war. For some these battles are news but for some they are the life changing events that redefine their destiny.

Although there are many many battles and wars that have impacted the human history in one way or other and were responsible for countless deaths, in this post I will only mention 5 of these wars that made a lasting impact on human existence in this world and may keep doing so in the future.

1. World War IPeriod: July …

Travel : Guide - This is the ultimate backpack or luggage checklist

Hello travellers!!

"Dear, have you taken the sweater like I told you too!?" and the response was "Huh!! ohh no..". This happens so many times that we forget something to pack before going on a trip. Whether its a business trip or a leisure one we all scratch our heads for filling that tiny bag that needs to carry all the things that make us feel comfy and safe in a foreign land. It so happens that we forget the thing that at the time of packing felt unimportant but meant a ton while on the trip.

In this post I am going to summarize few of the ultimate things that are must have on any of the trip. Follow this list and you will find one less thing to worry about while you are traveling. Mostly, what we pack depends upon the intention of the trip, duration of the trip and the itinerary. Sometime we don't even get time to plan the trip it just so happens that we need to travel immediately and we might not get time to shop for the trip. Don't worry now, because…

Travel : Guide - Top 5 ultimate travel destinations in world

Hello travellers!!

We all have different preferences when it comes to traveling to the tourist places around the world. Some love the crowd, some solitude while some love a good adventure to feel the rush and some travel just to taste the local foods. Having said this, there are certainly some places which are well above our individual preferences and simply shouldn't be missed. In this post I intend to give you the list of 5 such places. Now these majestic destinations may involve a bunch of places nearby or just one place.

If you are wondering why only 5 and why not more than that, then you are right. There obviously are still way more awesome places that one should not miss traveling to but for now lets look at these places first as I will post about other places soon.

1. Kerala, India India, a country known for many good things, one of which is undoubtedly presence of thousands unique cultures within it. This ultimately makes India a great place to visit for an enthusiastic t…