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Technology : Guide - What to buy? Laptop vs Tablet vs Phone

Technology is advancing very fast. Nowadays people who carry the latest piece of technology are not fully aware about the potentials of the technology they are carrying. This leads to buying the gadgets that are might not even needed. Computers and phones have come a long way in terms of the functionalities they provide. Gen X and Gen Y are witness to the transformation of computers and phones from their earlier wired versions to the wireless versions available now. As the world has become much closer now in terms of communication and is changed by digitalization in terms of mode of working, people are needed to carry high end gadgets which will allow them to carry out their work seamlessly. Computers evolving to Laptops and Telephones evolving to Smartphones is the resulting action of this need.

People don't want to carry a big unmanageable tech gadget around and work on it, rather nowadays they are more inclined towards carrying only a single piece which will integrate with the…

Animals : Info - Amazing facts about dogs

Who doesn't love dogs? Ok maybe cat lovers don't ;) but someone who is an owner of a dog knows that life can never be the same without your pooch. It teaches us to love unconditionally, the quality only generally accepted to exist in Mothers. In this post I am going to tell you few amazing facts about dogs that will make you love them more and probably let you know more about them.

Sixth Sense Do you know that dogs have sixth sense!! Well true or not true, many studies have shown that dogs have a very good sense of knowing some things before they happens. It is believed that some dogs can also detect diseases, predict the weather and know if someone is going to die. Now these might be debatable but some incidents show otherwise e.g. dogs can detect cancers, blood sugar levels etc.

Separation Anxiety To us they might be our pets but for them we are a family. In case you are not aware dogs suffer from separation anxiety what it means is that the dogs are upset because their owner…

Technology : How to - Save phone battery when it is running low

"The more the merrier!!". What once was true for people its now also true for our phones dear battery. We no longer need the need to be in touch with a person, we can now connect with them with just our fingertips. This fact has made all of us who are habitual to using smartphones slaves of the smartphone cause we constantly want to be in touch with someone. Not only this but we are also habitual to playing games, doing online window shopping, read/watch/share some everyday crappy stuff and perhaps do a bit productive work sometimes a day. In my view smartphones is the adults toy and nowadays kids too. Don't worry this post is not about how mobile phones are bad but its about saving the lifeline i.e. battery of our smartphones when its on ventilator.

We all have gone through that horror, frustration or worse the embarrassment when the battery of our smartphones is showing just 1% when we needed it the most. No more suffering. In this post I am going to let you know how …

International : History - The 5 Wars that changed the world and left their mark

Human history is just as filled with wars as with the great achievements. Over the time through the course of social development  humans have also witnessed some wars that have made us stop and rethink on our efforts made to keep the humanity intact. Although war is a disliked phenomena it does happen. Whether its for means of defense, political gains, greedy expansions or just raw barbarism humans have failed to avoid the wars and will be unlikely to avoid in future. The battles never cease to exist. Somewhere some soldier or a civilian is dying in an act of war. For some these battles are news but for some they are the life changing events that redefine their destiny.

Although there are many many battles and wars that have impacted the human history in one way or other and were responsible for countless deaths, in this post I will only mention 5 of these wars that made a lasting impact on human existence in this world and may keep doing so in the future.

1. World War IPeriod: July …

Travel : Guide - This is the ultimate backpack or luggage checklist

Hello travellers!!

"Dear, have you taken the sweater like I told you too!?" and the response was "Huh!! ohh no..". This happens so many times that we forget something to pack before going on a trip. Whether its a business trip or a leisure one we all scratch our heads for filling that tiny bag that needs to carry all the things that make us feel comfy and safe in a foreign land. It so happens that we forget the thing that at the time of packing felt unimportant but meant a ton while on the trip.

In this post I am going to summarize few of the ultimate things that are must have on any of the trip. Follow this list and you will find one less thing to worry about while you are traveling. Mostly, what we pack depends upon the intention of the trip, duration of the trip and the itinerary. Sometime we don't even get time to plan the trip it just so happens that we need to travel immediately and we might not get time to shop for the trip. Don't worry now, because…

Travel : Guide - Top 5 ultimate travel destinations in world

Hello travellers!!

We all have different preferences when it comes to traveling to the tourist places around the world. Some love the crowd, some solitude while some love a good adventure to feel the rush and some travel just to taste the local foods. Having said this, there are certainly some places which are well above our individual preferences and simply shouldn't be missed. In this post I intend to give you the list of 5 such places. Now these majestic destinations may involve a bunch of places nearby or just one place.

If you are wondering why only 5 and why not more than that, then you are right. There obviously are still way more awesome places that one should not miss traveling to but for now lets look at these places first as I will post about other places soon.

1. Kerala, India India, a country known for many good things, one of which is undoubtedly presence of thousands unique cultures within it. This ultimately makes India a great place to visit for an enthusiastic t…

Health : Guide - Yoga, The science of healing within

Human body is a very complex entity and further complex is the human mind. It is a debatable argument that whether the body controls the mind or mind controls the body. But to stay fit & healthy one needs to have both of these in a good condition. Yoga, is a solution which helps one to achieve this. Yoga is an ancient physical and spiritual discipline and branch of philosophy that originated in India.  I hope all of you have heard the name Yoga or Yog but what it means is simply "Union".  Yoga was centered towards having unison of body and the soul. Its historical origin and developments makes it one of the most valuable treasure of mankind. 
The earliest records of Yoga goes back to around 5000 years ago. Maharshi Patanjali, an Indian sage, has written the Yoga Sutras and had put forth the Yoga in form of sutras/definitions bringing it out in the eyes of mankind. Many studies and researches have undergone to show that Yoga is beneficial to maintain health of body and m…

Technology : Guide - Pros and cons of rooting smartphone

If you are here with an intention to find pros and cons of rooting your phones then its better that first I let you know what rooting means before telling why you need to root your phone with its risks & advantages.

What it means to root your phone:
Rooting your smartphones simply means you and the applications that you install will gain more access to your phones different filesystems, configurations and features which you cant access otherwise.

Risks of  rooting the phone:
Lets now focus on the important aspects of rooting your smartphone.

1. Security risk of corporate data leak
If you are using your phone for accessing your corporate emails etc then hackers can get access to your corporate network which can give them illegal access to important corporate resources. So rooting a device with corporate usage is a strict no no.

2. Security risk of personal data leak
Have you ever given your bank, credit/debit card details, personal photos and videos to a total stranger? If no, then yo…

Travel : Essential - Dont forget to pack these things for a beach trip

Hello travellers!!

Planning a beach trip? Ready to shop for a beach?? Don't worry!! If you are in dilemma of what to put in your case before embarking on the beach trip then this post might help you a lot. Nobody wants to travel with loads of bags and accessories while going on a beach trip. We all want to travel light and wish to roam freely without the worry of carrying pile of things in our hands. Now to travel light is not a rocket science although what to carry with us greatly depends upon where we are going and why are we going there.

For a beach we are the most clear that we all want to ride that wave in ocean, forget our stress and feel as light as feather. Agree it, beaches are our favorite getaways. For me they are a bliss where Ocean with all its mystery lies ahead. But to enjoy this bliss freely below are the things that you should pack on your trip to a beach. I am going to provide you with the list of items you need to carry while beach packing. Enjoy the waves!! 😎

Technology : How to - See or track location of your contacts via Google Maps Location Sharing

The age old lie!! "Yes, I am almost there. Wont take more than 5 minutes!!" says the person and still arrives half an hour later. We all have such friends, family members on whom we wait for what seems like an eternity while we get ready and keep looking at our clocks. Now I am going to tell you an open secret which will not only let you track your contacts but also might help you in case of some worst scenarios.

What this post will cover: The open secret I mentioned above is nothing but the realtime location tracking of the people who intent to share their current location with you through Google Maps. With the todays technological advances it has become quite easy to track a person who has GPS enabled unit or mobile phones with them. Google Map provides us with a feature called as location sharing which enables other people to see your present location on Google Maps and vice versa. 
Don't get any bad ideas of stalking your love interest with this now 😈😁 because the p…

Health : Guide - Benefits and risks of drinking water

Water (H2O) is life. Ever wondered how something which is tasteless, odorless and colorless is an important aspect of our life and we cant live without it. This tells us that most of the important things in our life does not need to have good packaging and label around them. Keeping philosophy apart, water really is an essential content that our body needs for many of the body functions.
To understand the benefits or risks of drinking water let me first tell you why drinking water is required for our body:
1. Life of cells
     Water provides the necessary nutritions or you can say food to cells.

2. Maintain temperature of body
     Water helps to maintain the proper body temperature.

3. Carrier to nutrients and waste removal
     Water acts as a carrier to the nutrients and provide them to cells as well as helps remove waste generated in body

4. Participant in Biochemical reactions
     Water participates in many bodily processes like digestion, etc.

5. Rehydration
     Water keeps the …

Technology : How to - Root android smartphone within minutes

WARNING: Rooting your phone is not recommended.
(Not for a namby-pamby 😈 !!)

Humans want full control over things that they possess (same goes for ghosts too 👻👻). So its surprising that if we don't take control of the thing we are nowadays carrying with us 24×7. Yupp thats our Smartphone. In this post I will let you know how to root the Android phones.

Before you start rooting your smartphone I want you to go through its pros and cons.

Here first of all take a note that rooting procedure for different smartphones is different. I am providing the instructions that are based on rooting the phone with an commercial rooting applications i.e KingRoot and Kingo Root. I will not be resoonsible for any damages or issues to the phone before, during and after rooting the phone. Note that the reliability of the rooting apps is a often questioned with respect to its effectiveness, security risks etc. so the readers are requested to verify such aspects before using the app.

How to root your…