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Animals : Info - Amazing facts about dogs

Who doesn't love dogs? Ok maybe cat lovers don't ;) but someone who is an owner of a dog knows that life can never be the same without your pooch. It teaches us to love unconditionally, the quality only generally accepted to exist in Mothers. In this post I am going to tell you few amazing facts about dogs that will make you love them more and probably let you know more about them.

Sixth Sense

Do you know that dogs have sixth sense!! Well true or not true, many studies have shown that dogs have a very good sense of knowing some things before they happens. It is believed that some dogs can also detect diseases, predict the weather and know if someone is going to die. Now these might be debatable but some incidents show otherwise e.g. dogs can detect cancers, blood sugar levels etc.

Separation Anxiety

To us they might be our pets but for them we are a family. In case you are not aware dogs suffer from separation anxiety what it means is that the dogs are upset because their owner might be leaving them even if its temporarily. To us humans this only happens when we are parting ways from our most beloved.


Whenever you get home right there at the door your dog waits for you waving his/her tail expecting only love in return. Even if you don't touch him one day the dog still looks the same way at you when you get back home. This is the quality that really separates us and the dogs and even rises their emotional quotient above us. We all know of dogs helping in Wars, Natural Calamities, Elderly or kids lookout, Safety of house and oneself. We feel safe around our dog pet. Why? Because we know that the dog will try its best before letting any danger touch us.

Night Guards

Ever wondered why dogs are kept as guards during night time? Well one of the obvious fact is that they can see much more in dim lights than the humans. Not only this but they have great sense of smell almost 10000-100000 times more than humans making them the best guards. In addition they have an acute hearing capabilities and can hear very high frequencies.

Chocolate and Apple Seeds are No No!!

Yes you read it right. For dogs certain foods are not recommended one of them is chocolate. Also apple seeds are poisonous to dogs if they eat it daily or in large quantity. Even grapes and alcohol also are prohibited from feeding your dog. There are many such food items which you should not feed your canine, you can find the list here.

Pet a.k.a Wingman

Looking for a date?? No worries, to get a date just go for a stroll and take your dog with you, Simple. Its been observed that if you are carrying a dog you have more chances of getting yourself a date. It seems girls are attracted towards guys who own a dog. Strange, huh!!

Great Companions

Dogs are naturally a great companions to humans. Just petting dogs is observed to relieve stress and anxiety of a person. Not only this but you can also train your dogs to do some work like fetching milk, paper, open doors, deliver something, find something, help cross the road etc.

Dogs in Wars

Dogs are used as companions to soldiers and trained in combat as scout, sentries or trackers. Dogs are used in bomb detection squads by military and police departments. Dogs also suffer from post traumatic stress disorder just like humans.


Dogs also dream like humans. They also act out during their dream. Dogs show signs of dreaming like twitching, paw movement, tail movement etc

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