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Technology : Guide - What to buy? Laptop vs Tablet vs Phone

Technology is advancing very fast. Nowadays people who carry the latest piece of technology are not fully aware about the potentials of the technology they are carrying. This leads to buying the gadgets that are might not even needed. Computers and phones have come a long way in terms of the functionalities they provide. Gen X and Gen Y are witness to the transformation of computers and phones from their earlier wired versions to the wireless versions available now. As the world has become much closer now in terms of communication and is changed by digitalization in terms of mode of working, people are needed to carry high end gadgets which will allow them to carry out their work seamlessly. Computers evolving to Laptops and Telephones evolving to Smartphones is the resulting action of this need.

People don't want to carry a big unmanageable tech gadget around and work on it, rather nowadays they are more inclined towards carrying only a single piece which will integrate with their other devices and allow them to do their stuff without any hassles. This brings us to the big question when we want to buy a device which will allow us to do this and the question is whether to buy a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone. Just to mention, this question will only come if you are aware of what each of them can do for you and you are not intending to do some heavy operations in your work. Each of them provide a different features and challenges but to be frank for if you are a light user then it does not make much of an impact. First lets look at what each of these gadgets do for you then I will leave the decision on you for which of them you need.


What it gives-
a. More power in terms of processing
b. Bigger display
c. Exhaustive list of sophisticated applications to use
d. More local storage
e. Smoother multi-tasking

Whats the downside-
a. Not easy to carry and sometime unmanageable or bulky
b. Comes with accessories to carry for efficient working mode
c. Higher chance of loosing data due to OS, Software issues


What it gives-
a. These are basically mini laptops hence  easier to carry and very much portable
b. Better battery life
c. Sufficient display size although lower than laptops
d. Requires no accessories
e. Cheaper than laptops

Whats the downside-
a. Suitable for tap a top (Screen) type of work meaning not suitable for users who require to use heavy softwares and not the touch applications.
b. Less storage but can be mitigated by using cloud storage
c. Lesser hardware meaning lesser processing power
d. Multi-tasking is that smoother


What it gives-
a. First in portability
b. Easier to connect with other smartphones/devices
c. Can be used as digital wallet
d. Better calling/messaging experience
e. Cheaper than laptop and tablet
f. Almost everyone is carrying one now so easier to connect with others
g. Can be used for lighter professional/business use

Whats the downside-
a. Lacks sophisticated apps for heavy users
requiring more than tap based work
b. Security wise not so great
c. Smaller screen size
d. Less powerful in terms of processing
e. Compatibility is an issue

It would seem surprising to you that this blog is till now maintained, written and created from a smartphone!! Imagine what can you do with a laptop. Since in todays world many of the apps are available to use in multiple compatibility mode its up to us to decide how we wanted to access it. From my suggestion and looking at the specs of each of the three its better to go for either a mobile or a tablet if you want manage your lighter work like online updates, online shopping, online social sharing, managing mails, a greater calling experience, online learning, media viewing etc. This will save you money and also keep you free from carrying the Laptop with you. In addition, with the portable powerbanks we can now truly use the mobile without the worry of battery life and the Cloud storage has also enabled smartphones to get rid of the earlier limitation of smaller storage space making them an ultimate tool for accessing the digital world and connect with others.

On the other hand, Laptop should be an option to buy only when you want to do some heavy processing and requires huge amount of storage space or you are on a business trip requiring some advanced tasks in terms of computing.

Hope this helps you choose. Enjoy shopping!!

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