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Technology : How to - Save phone battery when it is running low

"The more the merrier!!". What once was true for people its now also true for our phones dear battery. We no longer need the need to be in touch with a person, we can now connect with them with just our fingertips. This fact has made all of us who are habitual to using smartphones slaves of the smartphone cause we constantly want to be in touch with someone. Not only this but we are also habitual to playing games, doing online window shopping, read/watch/share some everyday crappy stuff and perhaps do a bit productive work sometimes a day. In my view smartphones is the adults toy and nowadays kids too. Don't worry this post is not about how mobile phones are bad but its about saving the lifeline i.e. battery of our smartphones when its on ventilator.

We all have gone through that horror, frustration or worse the embarrassment when the battery of our smartphones is showing just 1% when we needed it the most. No more suffering. In this post I am going to let you know how can you keep your phone still running by adjusting the app usages, optimal use of phones and using some really cool apps that can help save the battery when the phones battery is low. Just to be clear there is no spell to do this so, atleast not that I am aware about, so don't expect that its a quickie. Whatever you do when your phones battery is less than 15% matter the most. Now lets go through the things you can do to get the most out of your battery in such condition.

The Basics

1. Turn on the battery saver mode

The first and foremost thing you need to do when your phones battery is less than 15% is that turn on the battery saver mode. This might be turned on by default but just in case its not you can turn on the same from
Settings > Battery > Power/Battery Saving Mode.
2. Close hibernating/background apps

If you are a root user then there are hoards of great applications which can close the apps which are hibernated or running in background. But if you are not a root user then also you can hibernate the uncalled apps with certain limitations.

Below apps can be used to save some more battery -
  • Greenify
  • Doze
  • Clean Master
  • Du Battery Saver
  • Amplify
  • Servicely

3. Manually Force Stop Apps

If you don't prefer any apps to stop your apps then you have to roll up your sleeves and start force closing the running apps. This might take couple of minutes based on the number of apps you have on your phone. To force close the app follow below steps:

Go to Settings > Installed Apps or Applications > Click on the application > Click on Force Stop

This will stop the apps along with their services and will save some battery. Note that while doing so you may end up battery too so you need to know which apps to stop.

4. Turn off WiFi / Data

I know that this seems to be the Mission Impossible to you but this will save a lot of battery in case you want to keep your phone running to use it for calling. For those who still cant turn off the WiFi / Mobile Data please follow the step #5.
5. Control Application for Data Usage

Some of us still want to play big even when the battery is low. Since turning off the WiFi or Mobile data is not an option we need to control the applications which eat up battery while running data transfers in background. To do this you need to install applications or tune in-app settings through which you can control the background data usage of your apps.
a. Restrict Background Data
b. Limit permissions of Apps
c. Use below apps for controlling the data usage by apps:
 - NoRoot Firewall
 - NetGuard
d. Turn on Data Saver in individual app settings e.g. Chrome, Browsers etc.
e. Avoid downloads/uploads

6. Optimized Display

The screen brightness of our phones also consumes power and drains battery. If you have your phone in full brightness then reduce the brightness to minimum required or to the extreme lowest if suitable to you. I also suggest you not to frequently unlock your phones. If you are expecting messages then check them in short time intervals if they are not that important. You may also need to turn off Auto Brightness from Settings > Display > Turn off auto brightness

7. Reduce Calls

This is very obvious but still I have to mention it. To retain your battery when its running low you have to reduce the number of calls whether they are incoming or outgoing. Wherever possible talk things over messaging apps and keep them small.

8. Avoid Media Viewing

We are generation who needs something to watch and keep us interested. Many of us watch movies, series, animations etc. on our mobile phones. But if your battery is burning fast you may have to refrain yourself from watching such media to retain it.

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