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Travel : Guide - Top 5 ultimate travel destinations in world

Hello travellers!!

We all have different preferences when it comes to traveling to the tourist places around the world. Some love the crowd, some solitude while some love a good adventure to feel the rush and some travel just to taste the local foods. Having said this, there are certainly some places which are well above our individual preferences and simply shouldn't be missed. In this post I intend to give you the list of 5 such places. Now these majestic destinations may involve a bunch of places nearby or just one place.

Top 5 Destinations

If you are wondering why only 5 and why not more than that, then you are right. There obviously are still way more awesome places that one should not miss traveling to but for now lets look at these places first as I will post about other places soon.

1. Kerala, India

India, a country known for many good things, one of which is undoubtedly presence of thousands unique cultures within it. This ultimately makes India a great place to visit for an enthusiastic traveller. Since India has many many amazing tourist places coming to a one place is a very difficult. From South to North and East to West, India offers us a truly amazing and beautiful experience of multi-cultural multi-lingual places.

You will find one such great experience in Kerala. It is a state on India's tropical Malabar Coast. It is know for its beaches, backwaters, canals and its wildlife. Kerala along with its almost 600 kms of Arabian sea coast offers serenity, joy, peace and solitude for individuals, couples, family and elderly.

Kerala Houseboat

Best time to visit Kerala:
December to February
June to August
September to November

Things to do/Places to visit:

a. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
b. Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary
c. Munnar Wildlife Sanctuary
d. Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary
e. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

a. Kovalam, Lighthouse Beach
b. Varkala Beach
c. Bekal Beaches
d. Kolam Beaches
e. Kappad Beach

a. Napier Museum
b. Archaeological Museum, Thrissur
c. Hill Palace, Tripunithura
d. Kerala Folklore Museum, Ernakulam
e. Wayanad Heritage Museum, Ambalavayal


a. Backwaters Cruise on a Houseboat
b. Enjoy Kathakali Dance Performances
c. Spend one day in Village Life
d. Get Ayurvedic Treatment
e. Watch Kalaripayattu, an ancient Kerala martial arts
f. Enjoy Kerala Tea and visit tea plantations

Obviously there is still a lot more in Kerala than what has mentioned above. Kerala also has many forts to see. Hopefully the above things will get you started with the idea of what Kerala holds for the tourists.

2. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Its visible from outer space!! What more convincing do you need to visit this place? The great barrier reef in Australia is an ecosystem which comprises of thousands of reefs and hundreds of island and stretches to almost 2300km. Not only it contains around 600 different types of corals but also is a home to numerous beautiful fish, turtles, sharks etc. making it one of the largest ecosystem. Around 10 percent of the worlds fish can alone be found within this marvellous site. Check out more quick facts about the great barrier reef here.

For the families and specially the kids its an unforgettable experience. Due to its stretch the great barrier reef offers an abundance of options for the tourists to stay during their trip. The spread of the reef also gives travellers variety and freshness with each coasts. mn

The Great Barrier Reef Australia

Best time to visit The Great Barrier Reef:
All round the year
(Take caution during stinger season)

Things to do/Places to visit:

a. Skydiving
b. Snorkeling
c. Scuba Diving
d. Kayaking
e. Night diving

a. Cruise
b. Speedboat
c. Seaplane
d. Turtle hatching
e. Enjoy on island
f. Swimming, Know the aquatic life

3. Paris, France

Paris is best know for its art, food, romantic atmosphere, night life and lots of beautiful places to see for. There is always more to see in Paris. Known best as couples destination it also has many great places for families to spend and enjoy their vacations. One can truly get lost in Paris if being an enthusiast of Arts. No wonder its known as City of Love.

Paris Eiffel Tower

Best time to visit Paris:
June to October

Things to do/Places to visit:

a. The Louvre
b. Musée d'Orsay
c. Centre Pompidou
d. Musée d'Art Moderne

a. Eiffel Tower
b. Pont des Arts
c. Houseboat on Seine
d. Parc des Buttes
e. The Palace of Versailles

Other Activities:
a. Visit a Vineyard
b. Luxembourg Gardens
c. Take a food tour
d. Visit Palais Garnier, A Opera House

4. Egypt, Africa

Egypt holds its travellers the perfect experience of ancient architectures including jaw dropping monuments & temples, promise of Red Sea & Nile river and some marvellous deserts. Egypt gives its tourists a completely different cultural and geographical experience unlike any other tourist places.

Egypt Gaza Pyramid

Best time to visit Egypt:
September to April
April to August (If summer is your favorite)

Things to do/Places to visit:

a. Temple of Karnak
b. Pyramids of Giza
c. Great Sphinx
d. Abu Simbel Temples
e. Temple of Philae

a. Egyptian Antiquities Museum
b. Luxor Museum
c. Solar Boat Museum
d. The Grand Egyptian Museum

Sea & River:
a. Hurghada Grand Aquarium
b. Mini Egypt Park
c. Sand City Hurghada
d. Naama Bay
e. Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve

a. The Great Sand Sea
b. White Desert

a. Khan Al-Khalili
b. Monastery of St. Simeon
c. The Dendera

5. The Amazon, South America

The Amazon, named after female warriors, is a stunning and very important ecosystem of planet Earth comprising of around one in ten known species on Earth. It consists of The Amazon Jungle (rainforest) and The Amazon River (basin) which offers its tourists great bio-diversity, lots of mysteries and all the adventure. The Amazon has around 40,000 plant species, 3,000 freshwater fish species and more than 370 types of reptiles. This legendary beauty spans over eight countries i.e. Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.

The Amazon Jungle and River

Best time to visit The Amazon:
July to December (Low water season)
January to June (High water season)

Things to do/Places to visit:

a. Jungle Safari/Walk in Amazon forest
b. Jungle Cruise
c. Bird Watching
d. Visit Manaus (has Beach, Museums, Meeting of waters, Opera House, Street Markets etc.)
e. Go to see Pink Dolphines
f. Anavilhanas archipelago

National Parks/Reserves:
a. Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, Peru
b. Manu National Park, Peru
c. Jau National Park, Brazil
d. Mamiraua Sustainable Development Reserve, Brazil
e. Yasuni National Park, Ecuador
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