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A Story No Other Story Can Tell

Do you know what is the story no one else can tell?? Duh..Its your life story. Well surely they can tell how it was till now or guess how it would go ahead but the ending they simply cant tell. Its upto you to write it. To further elaborate let me tell you another stupid story. Like every other story this story is about a boy and a girl. But dont worry this story does not have the ending you have heard before. 
The boy as the saying goes was ever so stupid and the girl like they say was a damsel in distress. Both never knew the other existed until the fate decided so. One such fateful day darkness fail upon the sky and the sun went missing. The girl was not able to find her way back home and lost her way. The girl started crying loosing all her hope. The boy heard her cries and followed the voice. He found the girl with never stopping sobs and sitting under a huge tree. As it was dark he could not see her face neither can she of him. He asked her about her misery. She with a sadness …

Technology: Human brain vs AI brain

To think is a very complex process no matter how small or idiotic or great the thought is. Acting on the thought is further complex because it becomes a selection of choices. Artificial Intelligent programs are supposed to do both. Thinking in AI world means processing the information while acting becomes executing subsequent program or to produce a real world action.

Baby Vs The Robot If you have spent your hours and days trying to build an AI bot you would have by now definitely appreciated human brain for its beauty of functioning. Human brain is one of the best creations of the nature. The comparison between AI processing and human brain comes when the real world problems cant be solved with just mathematical equations and rather needs a logical perspective. There is no mathematical equation for LOVE!! or maybe there is 2×idiot=love ;). Keeping the joke apart even the brain of a newly born knows who the mother is whereas AI codes needs tremendous amount of energy and logic for fa…