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A Story No Other Story Can Tell

Do you know what is the story no one else can tell?? Duh..Its your life story. Well surely they can tell how it was till now or guess how it would go ahead but the ending they simply cant tell. Its upto you to write it. To further elaborate let me tell you another stupid story. Like every other story this story is about a boy and a girl. But dont worry this story does not have the ending you have heard before. 

The boy as the saying goes was ever so stupid and the girl like they say was a damsel in distress. Both never knew the other existed until the fate decided so. One such fateful day darkness fail upon the sky and the sun went missing. The girl was not able to find her way back home and lost her way. The girl started crying loosing all her hope. The boy heard her cries and followed the voice. He found the girl with never stopping sobs and sitting under a huge tree. As it was dark he could not see her face neither can she of him. He asked her about her misery. She with a sadness in her eyes told him about how darkness has shadowed her path to way back home and the sun is the only hope she has. Knowing this the boy made her a promise that he will seek the sun and bring the light again. With the hint of hope in her eyes the girl asked him to promise her and so did promised the boy without blinking his eyes.

To a mortal mind this story is just about the stupid boy and a lost girl. But the fact of the matter is this story is about all of us or better yet this story is about each of us. It does not matter if you are a genius, a looser, physically challenged, a good Samaritan, a differently oriented person, a richest of rich person or a lowest of low person or for that matter even a wierdly fetish person. How?? Its quite simple. The girl in the story is our mind, the boy is body, the sun is spirit, the tree is emotions, the darkness is hope and the home of the girl is where we should be. 

As one rightly said stupidity and problems do not have any limits. But it is upon the hope that everyone tries their best to find the one light which will take them on their desired path. As in the story a night was looked upon as the reason of sun missing where we expect it to be and ignored the fact that it will rise again bringing the light. We are always so eager to make that promise to solve our problems that we already accept it a problem even though its just a hiccup in our life.

Does the boy really go looking for sun or when sun comes up will the girl wait for the boy? Nobody cares. Its irrelevant because light was never missing its just the darkness that showed its presence momentarily. This world has every example of what one can achieve against all odds, yeah literally. Maybe luck was with these people but then if you are missing luck it does not mean life will not go on. Sure you can end it or even go on like that but you are you and no one else can take your place. If you are going down for sure then why not just go down fighting at least dont let you mind (girl) fail and your body (boy) suffer. Let your spirit (sun) cheer you up and take support of your emotions (tree) when hopes (darkness) have darkened to take you back on track where you think and deserve to belong (home).

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