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Technology: How to create a website with .com for almost free

Hello World!!

If you dont have a website of your own now then you are loosing your future value at this very moment. Period. When it comes to creating a website you might think its very complex, time consuming, costly and not of worth. 

All of these are not completely true. With todays technology you can create a website,
  1. Within 2 minutes with default domain
  2. For free with default domain
  3. For few bucks with custom domain
  4. Which can earn you fair amount of side income if dedicatedly worked on
  5. Which can be used to promote or showcase yourself

All of us want have our own house and aim to get one. Its great to have such a physical asset but what about the digital world? We all simply ignore the online space where almost half of the world spends atleast few minutes in a day. So it becomes very important to have your website and make your presence in the digital world. A website is your personal asset in the online space.

There are very few sites which actually tell  you how to get your own website up and running for very low cost. So let me tell you step by step process of creating the website for almost free.
  1. Sign up on website platform
  2. Select template
  3. Create the website with suitabe name
  4. Buy a custom domain
  5. Buy a web hosting plan
  6. Customize your theme
  7. Promote your website

All of these steps can be done in 1 or 2 days!!!

Lets go one by one for each of these steps and see how they can be achieved in a cost efficient way.

Sign up on Website Platform

This is the first major step to actually create your space on web world. Obviously you want this to be totally free. Dont worry it actually is. Website platforms are basically Content Management Systems which allow you to create your website by providing their resources for free. Few of the popular platforms are WordPress, Blogger, Wix etc.

Once you create your account you can use their features. While each of the platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages the most popular is the  WordPress. I have preferred Blogger by Google for after some research as integration with Google AdSense is absolutely free and quicker.

Cost involved: Free
When to do: Now
Time Required: Few minutes

Select Template/Theme

Post your account creation the next step is to select a template or theme for your website. For beginners I suggest to select basic template to start with as you can change the template at any later time. Major things that should matter while selecting the template for your website are Look & Feel, Ease of traversing, Modern Looks, Highlighting of Contents etc.

Just remember one thing that website visitors should feel comfortable while using it. Afterall you wouldn't spend time on social sites if they didnt had an appeal apart from their features. So put yourself into a visitors mind before going according to your own preferences.

Cost involved: Free
When to do: Now
Time Required: Few minutes

Create the Website

Now its time for you to finally get your space online. Once you finalize the template or theme the next and the crucial tasks is to finalize a name for your website and create it. To create the website will take only few minutes and you have to just click a few time on the website platform. Here the major task is to finalize the name for your website.

Based on your purpose of the website I suggest to use a trendy, catchy and foretelling word. E.g. If you are building a shopping website then keep the name that suggests user that he would be coming to your website to shop i.e. something like shopon, trendzkart, etc. If you are going to be a travel blogger then trippen, dreamplaces etc. The only problem is that whatever name you are using make sure that its not already in use by someone else.

The catch in creating the website in this step is that its more of a rented space and your website will be hosted on the website platform you chose with their domain name. This is not much professional for commercial purpose or not too catchy to make an impression. E.g. On wordpress the website will be created with This is also too lengthy for a person to remember or type.

Cost involved: Free
When to do: Now
Time Required: Few minutes

Buy a custom domain name

From this step onwards its not mandatory to perform them unless you are going commercial or professional. Having said this you have two options post the last step, first being to go ahead and buy a custom domain or second being to build your website contents to a certain quality and quantity then buy the domain. I would suggest to buy the domain sooner as it might get taken and also you can instantly start building your brand around it. A note to keep in mind is that you cannot start earning through Ads unless you have custom domain as Ads Platform has this for their eligibility criteria.

Now coming to the primary aspects of buying a domain i.e. domain name, cost and domain name registrar. The most recommended and impression making domain name is .com but you can opt for .net, .org, .co etc. if you are not hard set for .com. 

Coming to cost of buying domain name here is a good news, you can buy it for almost $1-$2 during a discount period. Your best bet should be during "Black Friday Sale". I have bought with WhoIsGuard protection for just $1 for 1 year on namecheap during Black Friday Sale. 
Please be informed that the sale starts few days early so keep an eye on the sale period.

Selecting the domain registrar is actually a personal choice. You should go for the one which has lower rates for subsequent years. Getting the domain name for 1 year might be cheap but for next years it might cost you around $10-15 without any discounts. So choose the registrar accordingly.

Cost involved: $1-2 for 1st year and $10 -15 for subsequent years
When to do: During Sales Period (December - Black Friday)
Time Required:  2-3 hours

Buy a web hosting plan

Web hosting is basically the space that you buy on a web server to store your website files . When you buy a website hosting you basically rent server space on the hosting website. Note that not only you can change you web hosting but web domain registrar can be changed as well at any time by buying them on the other platforms. So I suggest stick to the same platform as domain to buy web hosting plan. This should also be done during discount period. Black Friday Sale in December is again the best bet.

You can get either Shared Hosting or Dedicated server while later being more costly you can decide  based on your needs. What this means is that with shared hosting your website will be hosted with others and with dedicated hosting you will have the dedicated servers. This affects when the user count coming to your website increases sufficiently such that it may lead to uncalled slowness and frustrating users. For beginners and websites where your incoming traffic expected is around few thousands at a time go for shared hosting if low cost is a primary factor for you.

Cost involved: $1 for 1st year and $1-3 for subsequent years
When to do: During Sales Period (December - Black Friday)
Time Required:  2 hours

Customize your Theme/Template

This is more of a personal choice again. You can either choose from various themes available for free or you can buy or build for yourself. I will leave this step for your imagination and needs.

Cost: Free or As per the market rates
When to do: Any time or during Sales Period
Time Required:  2-3 hours

Promote your website

Even if this is the last of the steps it is not to be taken lightly. It does not matter whether you are building your website for earning or just as a hobby, you do not want to write something that does not have any audience. This might be a little time consuming but still can be managed within a day if you have researched and focused well. 

This step basically is to reach or make your presence to online users through various online/offline platforms like social media, advertising/marketing, flyers, etc.

The best and free method is to go for social media marketing by creating your websites dedicated social accounts e.g. on Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, Instagram, LinkdIn, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. and get more followers by posting contents from your website. Read this article for more details on how to grow your website with Social Media Marketing.

Gaining followers might take time and you may have yo use a little bit of programming skills (codes which you can totally get readymade on internet for free). This involves SEO, Call to action, Feeds, Social buttons, participating in forums/podcasts etc.

Hopefully by now you have learned few things that will get you started for creating a website for almost free of cost. Just an advice for beginners looking to start a website "do your own research, know your visitors, aim to help people and dont spend time overthinking as you may be loosing time to build your web content at the cost of things that don't matter".

Best Luck for your Digital Journey!!!

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